At Balance2health our talented and caring Yoga Teachers present a blend of Hatha and Vinyassa Yoga. Enjoy increasing your strength and flexibility and experience the added bonus of feeling calmer, less stressed and more centred. For those seeking a lasting cure for anxiety or health issues and a greater sense of connected-ness and calm, Yoga provides real and lasting benefits.

Gentle Yoga is an ideal class for those new to Yoga or who enjoy a gentle pace. The class focuses on basic Yoga poses, alignment, the importance of the breath and the benefits of relaxation.

Yoga Fusion is an all round workout that builds muscle strength and stamina with a specific focus on the core. This practice also provides participants with the opportunity to develop mindfulness and relax. Pilates and Yoga share eight key principles of breathing, relaxation, concentration, centring, control, precision, whole body movement and balanced muscle development. Yoga Fusion follows the principles of Yoga whilst integrating core strength.

Balance2health caters for small classes only, giving members the opportunity to enjoy personalised attention and support. Bookings -  contact Alexia.

Gentle Yoga Tuesday 6.15pm

18 July-  19 September

Yoga Teacher: Caroline Corfield

Fee: $190

9 classes *Term booking required.

Yoga Fusion Thursday 6.15pm & 7.30pm

20 July - 21 September

Yoga Teacher: Caroline Corfield

Fee: $190

10 classes *Term booking required.

Yoga for Girls 2017 Tuesday 5.00pm - 6.00pm

*next series to be scheduled

8 class series

Ages: 11 -16 years

Yoga Teacher: Johanna Brown

Fee: $125

Yoga for Girls is a specialised class focusing on introducing teenage girls to the physical and emotional benefits of Yoga. The series of 8 classes will aim to develop strength, encourage the development of positive body image, mindfulness, confidence and resilience.

Family Yoga 10.00am - 11.00am *to be scheduled

Children: 3 - 9 years

Yoga Teacher: Adrienn German

Fee: Adults $15 / Children $10

A specialised Yoga experience for familes! We welcome parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Participants will be guided through a series of Yoga games and poses, encouraging a sense of fun, body awareness, movement and connection.





To feel calmer, stronger and more centred try our Yoga classes. You can view the timetable here.  Photograph by Stevendeplo.

To feel calmer, stronger and more centred try our Yoga classes. You can view the timetable here.  Photograph by Stevendeplo.

To make a booking

Term bookings required, or current members can attend a Yoga class as a make-up or extra class.

To view our full Pilates and Yoga schedule click here or to find out more about Yoga at Balance2health or make a booking contact Alexia.