At Balance2health our talented and caring Yoga Teachers present Hatha , Vinyassa, and bodyART® Yoga.

For those seeking a lasting cure for anxiety or health issues and a greater sense of connected-ness and calm, Yoga provides real and lasting benefits. All of our Yoga classes are suitable for beginner through to intermediate level and students 15 years and over.

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bodyART® Yoga Monday 7.30pm

Based on the traditional Chinese medicine principles of Yin and Yang, bodyART® Yoga is a motivating class that includes a combination of energetic moves and controlled postures. A wonderful mind and body workout specifically developed to increase strength, cardio fitness and flexibility, enhancing an overall sense of calm.

Yoga: Tuesday 6.15pm & 7.30pm

This class skilfully combines both the holding poses and breathing of Hatha, along with the faster paced postures or asanas, that focus on flow between movements, of Vinyassa Yoga. Regular practice will correct muscle imbalances resulting in less aches and the opportunity to experience calm and true relaxation.