Timetable for Term 2 2018

Monday 30 April - Monday 9 July

If you would like to join a class at Balance2health, contact Alexia. New members can join at any time during the term, with an adjusted fee. Bookings can be made only for the current or upcoming term.  

All classes are suitable for students age 15 years and over.

To add your name to wait lists, for any class that is currently fully booked contact Alexia.

If you are completely new to Pilates or Yoga, we recommend an initial private class as an option. All members must complete a pre-exercise screening form. Medical clearance may be required for some pre-existing medical conditions.

Each of our Instructors has their unique style and training background. Each class will be a different experience!


10.30am Pilates Open *Alex - 2 vacancies

6.15pm Pilates Open *Alex - Fully Booked

6.15pm Pilates Open *Adrienn - 2 vacancies

7.30pm Pilates Open *Alex - Fully Booked

7.30pm bodyART *Adrienn - 2 vacancies


10.30am Pilates Flow *Alexia - Fully Booked

6.15pm Yoga Flow *Caroline - 2 vacancies

6.15pm Pilates Open *Lilly - Fully Booked

7.30pm Pilates Open *Lilly - Fully Booked


6.15pm Restorative Pilates *Alexia - Fully Booked

7.30pm Barre Attack *Alex - Fully Booked


9.30am Barre Attack *Alex - 2 vacancies

6.15pm Yoga *Caroline - Fully Booked

7.30pm Pilates Progression *Lilly - *5 classes. Series 1 *May 3 - May 31. Series 2 *June 7 - July 5


8.00am Pilates Open *Britt / Fiona - 1 vacancy

9.30am Pilates Open *Britt / Fiona - 2 vacancies