Pilates Mat Class Styles

Pilates Progression:- Enjoy a series of 5 classes that focuses on Pilates breathing, body alignment and awareness, and effective engagement of the core muscles. With a strong emphasis on core Pilates principles and technique and the opportunity to progress and build on strength within each exercise.

Restorative Pilates :- This class focuses on rejuvenating the body through a series of fundamental Pilates exercises with focus on muscle release. Participants will increase their awareness of good posture and stability throughout a variety of exercises. Challenging sequences are included to maintain core strength. Enjoy 10 minutes of relaxation, in which to practise mindfulness and breath awareness.

Pilates Open:- With a focus on the foundations of traditional Pilates exercises, this class will cater for those beginning their Pilates practice through to those who practise regularly, providing opportunities to progress within each exercise sequence, individuals can create new challenges whilst developing strength, stability and control of movement.


Pilates Flow:- Easy to follow sequences of Pilates exercises, with attention to posture, neutral alignment and functional fitness. With less focus on repetition, Pilates based exercises are linked enabling efficient movement patterns and providing variety at every class. An energising class that will condition and release tight muscles and joints, providing greater range of pain free movement.